Florida’s Beach Erosion Is Real

As Surf Reporters, we are at our local beaches everyday. While looking back at some of our old videos, we stumbled on the one posted below [made 9 years ago]. We couldn’t help but notice how much the dunes & beaches have disappeared. It’s mainly due to a few Hurricanes [Sandy – 2012Matthew – 2016, and Irma – 2017]. These Tropical Systems shaved our Beaches and Dunes in Record time [first by Sandy, then by Matthew and Irma which flattened the dunes overnight]. In the lifetime of a human, we can see that without intervention, we’d lose hundreds of feet of beaches in a few decades. Watch the movie from our affiliate YouTube Channel; JaxpiercamTV to check out the difference 6 years can make. It’s a true story of the Red Fox and The Sea Turtles of Hanna Park and the 15′ high dunes before the storms.

Property Damage From Hurricane Matthew in 2016 Below

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