Florida’s Beach Erosion Is Real

As Surf Reporters, we are at our local beaches everyday. While looking back at some of our old videos, we stumbled on the one posted below [made 9 years ago]. We couldn’t help but notice how much the dunes & beaches have disappeared. It’s mainly due to a few Hurricanes [Sandy – 2012Matthew – 2016, and Irma – 2017]. These Tropical Systems shaved our Beaches and Dunes in Record time [first by Sandy, then by Matthew and Irma which flattened the dunes overnight]. In the lifetime of a human, we can see that without intervention, we’d lose hundreds of feet of beaches in a few decades. Watch the movie from our affiliate YouTube Channel; JaxpiercamTV to check out the difference 6 years can make. It’s a true story of the Red Fox and The Sea Turtles of Hanna Park and the 15′ high dunes before the storms.

Property Damage From Hurricane Matthew in 2016 Below

Florida’s Wildlife At Hanna Park

We originally posted the video to show off the Natural Wildlife Habitat within the Jacksonville City Limits. Luckily, for people and animals, 447 acres of beach front [Hanna Park] has been saved by the City of Jacksonville for future generations. [are 447 acres enough]? It seems it is at least on a small scale. Regular visitors to Hanna Park have seen many types of wildlife, including Fox, Coyotes, Raccoons, Sea Turtles, Alligators, Ospreys, Eagles, Snakes, Rabbits, and rare Bobcat sightings too. In the ocean it’s common to see Grown Sea Turtles, Dolphin, Manatee, Shark, Whales, and Fish of all types. Watch the movie below from our affiliate YouTube Channel [JaxpiercamTV] to check out the difference 6 years can make.

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