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Public Safety Announcement

In the modern era, our surf breaks can be very crowded and it is dangerous. It’s important for surfers to exercise caution in crowded conditions. For beginners, choosing an uncrowded spot will give you the space to make the process of learning to surf a lot more stress-free. That way, as your wave riding skills become more refined, you’ll be able to step up to the more popular, over-crowded breaks which makes it safer for everyone.

Report: 1 / Time: 6:50 AM / Rating: ★ ★ ★ of 10

Good  Wednesday Morning, Friends! Our first report shows surf in what looks to be the chest high +/- range with strong Easterly winds. At report time, with rain in the area, the surf does not look good! ? Give it a look if you don’t mind the chop and check back for our next update!

Sunrise 6:52 AM – Sunset 5:29 PM