Conditions Jacksonville Beach F1
Relative W Atlantic Buoys/SE USA
Air Temp
Water Temp

Report #2 – Wednesday – 12:00 PM – RATING 4 of 10
Today’s Tides
High 4:32am 5ft
Low 10:58am 0.5ft
High 4:43pm 4.4ft
Low 11:04pm 0.5ft

Special Note: Hanna & Huguenot Parks are closed until further notice.

Good Afternoon Friends! We have lighter winds and glassy surf on out Late Morning/High Noon check. It’s in the thigh to waist high range with calm to light SE winds. It’s nothing great but it’s rideable for the small wave gear! Have a Wowzer Wednesday!

Sunrise 7:32 AM – Sunset 7:36 PM  

Special Note: Hanna & Huguenot Parks are closed until further notice.

Our name, 911 Surf Report implies that it is an emergency to get out and surf, this is anything but true. COVID-19 is serious and everyone should follow CDC guidelines and use common sense about Social Distancing and Hygiene. If you still want to use the open beaches in our community, consider Social Distancing as those beaches have been crowded with the closing of Hanna and Huguenot Parks. We’ll be monitoring the situation concerning a reopening of  the Parks and keep you posted on this site. Our first and only priority remains your well-being, therefore we ask you to follow advisories, consider Social Distancing and make Hygiene a Priority. CLICK HERE FOR CURRENT COVID-19 INFORMATION PROVIDED BY CITY OF JACKSONVILLE, COJ.NET

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