Monday June 18th Surf Report #2 NE Florida

/Monday June 18th Surf Report #2 NE Florida

Monday June 18th Surf Report #2 NE Florida

Sargent Upholstery
RHINO Surfboards

Conditions Jacksonville Beach F1
Relative W Atlantic Buoys/SE USA
Air Temp
Water Temp
Report 2 – Monday 11:30 AM – RATING  3 of 10
Today’s Tides
6:39 AM low -0.8 ft.
12:45 PM high 5.1 ft.
6:54 PM low -0.5 ft.

Good Late Monday Morning! Report 2 is showing small-rideable-longboard waves in the knee high range with light easterly winds. Bring some foam and go for a paddle, it’s another beautiful day in North Florida!

Novelty Surfing ~ Montreal Canada
By Rock-A-Way Alex

This just in from our very own Rockaway Alex who’s on Vacay in Canada. The Vibe on the street was all about surfing the St. Laurence River. He took the time to figure it out and ended up catching a couple waves, then took a few shots of the locals. Rockaway states, “This wave was fun! You could ride it for 10 minutes until your legs were worn out.” Good on ya Rockaway!

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