Monday June 4th Surf Report #1 NE Florida

/Monday June 4th Surf Report #1 NE Florida

Monday June 4th Surf Report #1 NE Florida

Sargent Upholstery
RHINO Surfboards

Conditions Jacksonville Beach F1
Relative W Atlantic Buoys/SE USA
Air Temp
Water Temp
Monday 6:15 AM RATING 2 of 10
Today’s Tides
6:57 AM low 0.3 ft.
1:00 PM high 4.0 ft.
6:56 PM low 0.6 ft.

Good Morning! Flat to very small surf continues. At report time, as we approach the low tide mark, it’s knee high at best with light WSW winds. Like the past few days, we may see grom or longboard waves with the high tide push later this morning. Regardless, bring the small wave gear if you are giving it a peek and check back for the high tide update later this morning!

Yesterday Waves
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