The Positive Elements of Change

/The Positive Elements of Change

The Positive Elements of Change

Surfers are more aware of our Seasons and Solstice Days than average people. We pay more attention to weather and forecasting too. We know change is coming and we hope that it will be positive.

At the Winter Solstice,(Northern Hemisphere) on Dec. 21st we mark our first day of winter. We know the days with the shortest daylight hours are behind us. Starting Friday, Dec. 22, the sun will be up for a few seconds longer each day and before you know it Spring will be here with much longer daylight hours. We looked back in our Solstice Day Archives and found a few photos from past years as well as a Video Clip from Dec, 21st 2010, (which to this day shows what you can do on the shortest day of the year)! EP

Compared to today, the last few years were better surfing days!

Checkout our video below from Solstice Day 2010!

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