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Wednesday – 4:30 PM – RATING 6 – Today’s Tides: Low 10:08 AM / High 3:51 PM

Good Late Afternoon! We have waves in the chest to shoulder high range with moderate easterly winds. Visibility is still basically zero, but we managed to squeeze off a couple pics for ya! Hope you got some today!

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Wednesday – 2:30 PM – RATING 5 – Today’s Tides: Low 10:08 AM / High 3:51 PM

Good Afternoon! Visibility is still basically zero! Reports are coming in saying waves are fun at chest high +/-. Buoys are up and so is the forecast. We have yet to see anyone riding a wave so we can’t verify it ourselves. If we get a chance to shoot some pics we will. Here’s a quick viddy from 2:30 PM today. Thanks!

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