Thursday October 11th Surf Report #1 Jacksonville FL

/Thursday October 11th Surf Report #1 Jacksonville FL

Thursday October 11th Surf Report #1 Jacksonville FL

Sargent Upholstery
RHINO Surfboards

Conditions Jacksonville Beach F1
Relative W Atlantic Buoys/SE USA
Air Temp
Water Temp
Report 1 Thursday 7:20 AM   RATING 6 of 10
Today’s Tides
4:02 AM low 0.0 ft.
10:17 AM high 6.5 ft.
4:38 PM low 0.1 ft.
10:38 PM high 5.6 ft.

Good Thursday Morning Folks! We have waves! It’s chest high +/- with moderate SSW winds and a strong current from the south. It’s not the best but it is worth a check!

In the Tropics 

Hurricane Michael made landfall yesterday in the Panhandle. Let’s all say a Prayer for our Neighbors along the Gulf Coast! Keep an Eye on the Tropics!

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