Spotlight on Hurricane Bill!

/Spotlight on Hurricane Bill!

Spotlight on Hurricane Bill!

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When I looked at the calendar this morning I noticed the date of August 22nd. The date reminded me of something but I wasn’t sure just what it was. It blinked in and out of my head quickly and moved on about my usual morning routine. While out surfing this morning I noticed the usual suspects and when I saw Clay Bennett it clicked! 8 years ago today was THAT day, Hurricane Bill Day! The day that the East Coast got some of the best surf ever! Seeing Clay Bennett out surfing reminded me of it because we had some awesome photos of him, (and Hall of Fame Surfer , Dickie “Rozo” Rosborough as well). When I got back to my computer I looked it up in our LEGACY ARCHIVES:  and there it was. Hurricane Bill 2009, what a day to remember!

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