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Happy Wednesday Friends! We have thigh to waist high + surf with moderate SSE winds. It’s not great but it’s rideable. Give it a check!

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Stranded Coal Ash Barge Update

March 31, 2021

Dear Friends, many have asked what’s happening with the stranded barge off the coast of Hanna Park. Well, we don’t know! It’s been there for almost 10 days. We are just hoping the Nor’ Easter that’s scheduled for April 1, 2020 doesn’t tip it over!

This from Jim Konopasek:

The purpose of this notice is to bring to public attention the concern for the 400 ft bulk carrier barge stranded off Atlantic Beach since the week of March 23, 2021. This is with the understanding that the barge is carrying approximately 12,000 tons of coal ash and has breached the aft port side such that the barge is observed as precariously trimmed and listing. The barge has been directed by the USCG for an anchorage clear of the Jacksonville port channel, off Atlantic Beach.

 Jim further states:

There are a number of options for taking control of this very precarious situation, all with considerable risk. If the cargo bay breaches or cracks, it’s immediately over with catastrophic loss. For immediate action, I might anticipate, for example, employing additional buoyancy apparatus aft and offloading the cargo to the extent that the barge could be brought to a shipyard. Since the real burden appears to be on the public and its safety, I would implore public officials to have the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to provide oversight.

Jim Konopasek, Atlantic Beach resident, Board Certified Naval Architect/Marine Engineer

Let’s all hope for a Happy Ending on this! [EP]

Great Vid of Local Surfer/Angler Justin Quintal,[World Longboard Champ!]

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