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When East Coasters Surf  El Salvador

One of the best things about traveling to “Exotic” locations is meeting new friends. People with the same things in common as you, and when East Coasters travel to these “Exotic” locations to surf, most are amazed how good the waves can be, [compared to the surf back home]. When we arrived in El Salvador recently this was no exception! We met many East Coasters on Holiday and we decided to make a special post just for us!  

Listed below in no particular order are:

  •  Tony & Mike from Virgina Beach, Va
  • Sister’s Jeanine & Cherie from Long Island, NY
  • Brother’s Randal & Rodney from Ocracoke Island, North Carolina
  • Caroline from Virginia Beach, Va

From 911 Surf Report’s home base in NE Florida, [Jacksonville Beaches Area] are:

  • Eddie Pitts
  • Les Sutton
  • Jeff Guy
  • Patrick Carter
  • John Holzbaur

A great time was had by all and we look forward to the next chapter in our travel adventures!  Enjoy our photos below!