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The Edge Volume 39

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Glenn T Goodwin, PhD, DABFE

All competition aside, there are so many good free surfers today, right here, there and everywhere.  In the surfing world, being in the limelight can be fickle, and subsequently, many talented surfers are not always showcased.  This ripper, aka Droid, keeps showing up often enough and this short feature caught my eye.  Real surfing, barrels, closeouts, incompletes and sick hack-a-wraps along the way; well worth the 5 minute clip all the way to the end.

Andrew Doheny! Those frontside wraps deserve an exclamation mark all of their own. You know, of course, that Droid is more than proficient with a planer, and you know, of course, that he is more than proficient at surfing on those wonderful shapes he dreams up in that weird brain of his. And you know what? There may not be another clip on the vastness of the internet that showcases all of it as well as this one.

Keep wrapping it up, keep your edge…

By the way, are twinnys already on the way back?

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