Friday March 23rd Surf Report #2 Hanna Park

/Friday March 23rd Surf Report #2 Hanna Park

Friday March 23rd Surf Report #2 Hanna Park


Conditions Jacksonville Beach F1
Relative W Atlantic Buoys/SE USA
Air Temp
Water Temp
Friday 10:00 AM  RATING 3
Today’s Tides
7:25 AM low -0.1 ft.
1:26 PM high 4.5 ft.
7:32 PM low -0.3 ft.

Good Late Morning! With the incoming tide push, we have thigh high + waves with light to moderate NNW winds. Winds are forecast to become Variable – Northerly later this morning. At report time, it’s NOT the best but it is rideable for the small wave gear, (best option-longboarding). Give it a peek!  Need/Want Hi Res Images? Let us know at:

Poles Parking Lot Trees Down
(We knew this was coming)!

Thursday 03-22-2018:
After the wind & rain storms of the past couple of days we noticed Trees Down! As most of us know, many of the trees of Parking lot 1 died after getting flooded with saltwater due to Hurricane Matthew. CAUTION: Be careful parking under certain dead trees!

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