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Conditions Jacksonville Beach F1
Relative W Atlantic Buoys/SE USA
Air Temp
Water Temp
Friday 7:30 AM  RATING 3
Today’s Tides
7:25 AM low -0.1 ft.
1:26 PM high 4.5 ft.
7:32 PM low -0.3 ft.

Good Morning! At report time, at low tide, with no one out surfing, it looks like we have knee to thigh high waves with light WNW winds. The forecast calling for larger surf today and tomorrow may NOT be happening! Regardless, it looks to be surf able for longboarding. Give it a peek!  Need/Want Hi Res Images? Let us know at:

Poles Parking Lot Trees Down
(We knew this was coming)!

Thursday 03-22-2018:
After the wind & rain storms of the past couple of days we noticed Trees Down! As most of us know, many of the trees of Parking lot 1 died after getting flooded with saltwater due to Hurricane Matthew. CAUTION: Be careful parking under certain dead trees!

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