We recently caught up with East Coast Surfing Hall of Famer, Joe Roland.

Joe shows you the difference 50 years can make, (not much actually)!

The plan was to go for a surf / photoshoot and to bring an antique surfboard, (one of his own – a Roland Twin Fin from 1971), for him to demo for us! It was pretty cool to watch it unfold. You have to remember, Joe is pushing 70 years old and still

Our Boy – Joe Roland – Rick Surfboards Ad Surfer Magazine 1968

riding a TRUE shortboard, (like groms 50 years younger than he is and that’s a rare thing)! First, Joe paddled out on his everyday 6′ Firewire and shredded a few, later he went for it on the “Roland Twinny”. We were not disappointed! Joe got a feel for the older model board and carved it up. Great job Joe! Good to see you are still surfing so well after 55 years!
(Note: We found the Roland Twin Fin, (in great shape) in someones backyard in Arlington. We offered to buy it, but they insisted on giving it to us!) EP