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The Edge Volume 43

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Glenn T Goodwin, PhD, DABFE

From The Inertia:  ‘If you follow longboarding, you know Kai Sallas. For a while there, back when the WSL was still the ASP in 2009, he was ranked second in the world. He’s won the Professional Longboard Association championships twice, and in 2011, he found himself back in the number two spot. He is, without a doubt, one of the best longboarders in the world.

Sallas grew up in Waikiki, which explains a lot. His dad was one of the original Beach Boys. He has spent his whole life on a surfboard, and it shows. He’s also been teaching people to surf since he was 12 years old. Now he runs a surf school on Oahu and has turned his passion for surfing and spreading the stoke into a career.

Here he is at Queens on February 28th on a 9’8 Donald Takayma. This is Waikiki surfing at its finest.’

it won’t be long now, summer is on the way…

keep stylin, keep your edge…

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