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The Edge Volume 50

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Its J-Bay, Kelly’s back for now and I suppose it’s with mixed feelings that we continue to see the old guys retiring from the CT and the world watches the new breed of CT chasers emerge. And the chase is clearly on.

Retirees of late have almost come on the heels of each other. Bede, Taj, Mick, Parko and now Kelly. Kelly? Yes, and in particular, perhaps the most understated announcement of all was Slater, almost as a passing comment, announced in the commentator’s booth at J-Bay, that next year (2019) would be his last year on tour. With Slater you never really know, but if he sticks with this decision, clearly this represents a changing of the highest guard, maybe even two or more guards, who have come and gone over two-three decades.   It has seemed that he would be eternal and always be in a heat somewhere, wherever.

There is not much left to say that has not already been said about Slater, the surfer, the man, the human. So, for this 50th volume of the Edge, I decided to simply have Mr. Slater speak for himself (along with older video clips of some of Slater’s finer comp waves)…

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Keep on keeping on, keep your edge…

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  1. Edouard July 2, 2018 at 5:58 pm

    After 25 years on top, King Kelly is still the man! (I like his statement, if you aren’t having fun and you aren’t getting better, move on to something else that you can get good at)!

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